The former of Shanghai Strong Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.(hereafter call “Strong”) is “Strong Optical & Electrical Tech. Co., Ltd. ” Since its establishment in 2005 in China, it has been more than 14 years. Strong is located in the famous Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone Shanghai, adjacent to German Bosch subsidiary United Automotive Electronics and Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center. Its production plant covers an area more than 600 square meters. It has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and all its products have reached the CE certification of EU.

Along with the rapid development, Strong has established its wholly-owned companies in Germany and the United States. Strong has established a completely independent R & D center in Germany, specializing in automotive electronics testing and components technology, keeping up with the world trend of cutting-edge technology for China and other countries in the world to provide the most professional test system solutions.

In order to cope with the rapid development of transnational trade, Strong (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. also came into being in 2017, which is responsible for the trade between the Shanghai factory and other branches in the world.

Since its founding date, Strong has been devoting itself to providing software and hardware functional testing, software development, hardware development and system function development in the automotive electronics industry to provide full-service development services from the front-end market to the rear-end market.

At present, Strong's main business focuses on the following areas: 

-      Engine ECU, Transmission Case TCU, Body Controller BCM and so on, the other electronic controller hardware and software test equipment and embedded software developments.

-      Vehicle measurement and calibration, diagnostics, network testing, developments, test automation, HIL equipment development and automatic code generation tools, data analysis and management, with cloud data management system.

-      New Energy 48V and HEV hybrid technology consulting and hardware & software function test equipment production and

-      NI-based data acquisition and Labview system integration and testing services.

-      The consulting services Based on R & D center of vehicle development technology and system design in Germany.

-      Engine vehicle exhaust and OBD diagnostic software and hardware developments.

-      Non-standard automotive test equipment and software developments

-      Human Resources Outreach Testing Service

Strong has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with all the domestic automobile OEMs and important part suppliers.